Cheese Sticks  $6.99
6 deep fried cheese sticks with your choice of green chile sauce or creamy gravy

Guacamole & Chips (in season only)  $8.99
Homemade corn tortilla chips and freshly made guacamole

Cheese Fries  $8.99
Fries topped with green chile & cheese

Quesadillas  1/2 Order $7.99,  Full Order $11.39
Two Flour Tortillas, lightly butter with melted cheese and grilled diced green chile
Add Chicken or Beef   1/2 Order $10.39,  Full Order $13.39

Nachos  1/2 Order $10.59,  Full Order $13.39
Homemade corn tortilla chips topped with beans, taco meat, jalapeños, and melted cheese

Bowl of Red or Green Chile Con Carne (8 oz.)  $8.49
“The true taste of New Mexico’s Best”

Salads & Posole


  • Large (24 oz.) $10.99
  • Medium (16 oz.) $8.89
  • Small (8 oz.) $5.79

Si Señor Salad  $12.29
Chopped grilled chicken, green chile, and avocado on a bed of green lettuce

Taco Salad  $10.99

Guacamole Salad (in season only)  $9.99

Dinner Salad  $5.79

Fajita Salad (beef or chicken)  $13.29

New Mexico Cuisine

#1 San Juan Deluxe Combination  $16.79
Chile Relleno, tamale, cheese enchilada, taco, beans, Spanish rice & red or green chile with meat

#2 La Plata Combination  $14.59
Cheese Enchilada, taco, tamale, beans, Spanish rice & red or green chile with meat

#3 Animas Combination  $14.59
Cheese Enchilada, taco, flauta, beans, Spanish rice & red or green chile with meat

#4 Cheese Enchiladas (With egg add $1.49)  $12.39
Rolled or flat, with rice & beans

#5 Meat Enchiladas Ground Beef or Chicken  $13.49,  Shredded Beef  $14.59

#6 Chile Rellenos  $13.39

#7 Three Flautas  Chicken  $14.49, Shredded Beef  $15.59

#8 Two Tamale Plate  $11.79

#9 Burrito Plate  Chicken or Ground Beef  $13.59,  Beans  $12.49, Shredded Beef  $14.69,

#10 Three Gorditas  Chicken  $13.39,  Shredded Beef  $14.49

#11 Three Tacos  Beef or Chicken  $13.39,  Shredded Beef  $14.49

#12 Stuffed Sopaipillas  Ground Beef or Chicken  $13.39,  Shredded Beef  $14.59

#13 Tostadas  Ground Beef  $12.29,  Shredded Beef  $14.59,  Guacamole (in season only)  $12.39

#14 Chimichanga  Chicken  $11.59,  Shredded Beef  $13.39

#15 Fajitas  Beef or Chicken (mix not available)  1/2 Order $12.39  or  Full Order $16.79,  Veggie 1/2 Order $9.39  or  Full Order $11.39

#16 Huevos Rancheros  Chile Sauce $11.49,  Chile Meat  $12.49

American Cuisine

Served with choice of homemade mashed potatoes or fries, and vegetables

Chicken Fried Steak  $11.39

Liver & Onions with grilled onions & tomatoes  $11.89

Chicken Breast Dinner grilled & seasoned with cajun seasoning  $11.99
Red or green chile add $1.59

Create Your Own Hamburger

Hamburger Plain  $8.99       Double Meat Plain  $11.39
add any item for $1.79 per item: Green chile, bacon. avocado, grilled onion, smothered in red or green chile


Served with fries or mashed potatoes

Top Sirloin (5 oz.)   $12.99

Rib-Eye (12 oz.)  $23.69

Mexican Style Steaks

Served with rice and beans

Chile con Queso Steak, Rib-Eye (12 oz.)  $24.79
Smothered in red or green chile

Si Señor Steak, Rib-Eye (12 oz.)  $25.79
with two rolled cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, and guacamole

Green Chile Steak, Rib-Eye (12 oz.)  $24.79
with grilled onions, tomatoes and green chile

Senior’s & Junior’s Plates

Choice of rice, beans, french fries or mashed potatoes

A. One Taco, Beef or Chicken Taco   $6.99

B. One Enchilada, Beef, Chicken or Cheese  $6.99

C. One Stuffed Sopaipilla, Beef or Chicken  $8.69

D. One Gordita, Bean, Beef, or Chicken  $8.69

E. One Corn Dog  $5.49

F. One Slice of Pizza  $6.49

G. Two Chicken Strips  $6.49

H. Mac N’ Cheese  $6.49

Try our Famous Fried Ice Cream For Dessert

Deep Fried ice cream with strawberries  $4.29

*Prices and item availability are subject to change without notice. Please call us at 505-324-9050 for the most up-to-date menu information.